Hello there! My name is Gabriella Lassiter and I am the host of Independent Mom TV

Independent Mom TV was originally created to support and motivate moms who are parenting alone and feeling stressed and/or lost. I am still here for you daily via my Instagram page, but I wanted to step things up a notch and help aspiring solo mompreneurs find resources, support and ideas to start a home business. 

I know that things can get really stressful when you feel like you need more arms than an octopus. It's even more stressful when you hate your job! There's nothing more defeating than wanting to make changes but you don't know where or how to get started. Lucky for us we live in the age of technology where there is always a search engine and usually "an app for that"! You may not have time to sit down and search for links and ideas, and that's where I come in. If it exists and will help you organize your life and/or start a business then I probably have a link for that! Lol :-)


Independent Mom TV

I wanted to create a virtual place that other aspiring solo mompreneurs could turn to for support and resources. So, I decided to move my show from YouTube to Facebook, and create Independently Awesome. 

The Independently Awesome group is for all of us! I am here to help you...

  • figure out how to turn your talents into your new home business, and
  • show you where to find and how to use resources for you home business.

Every week, in our private group, I will share advice, tips, resources, and services that you need to get you mompreneur journey started. If you have a question or would like to suggest a topic, please be sure and contact me!

Thank you for stopping by my page. I am really looking forward to connecting with you! :-) 

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