Yoga Instructors | Digital Product Ideas

It doesn’t matter if you teach online or at a physical location, digital products can still work for your business You can create and sell ebooks, virtual workshops, ecourses, manuals, workbooks, whatever your talents, skills, and knowledge call you to do. 

Here are the options and ideas listed in today's post.

Ideas for products

  • Tips on running a successful yoga business 
  • How you got started with yoga | Your story/journey
  • What to expect your 1st year as a certified instructor
  • Meditation Journal
  • How to start teaching yoga online
  • Teacher training workbook
  • Managing the business side of a Yoga Business (tools you use, project management tools, taxes, etc.
  • How to promote your yoga business with social media (What sites are best for you?)
  • How to create a website for your business | Online Yoga Business site
  • How to film yoga videos for your online business
  • How to create and where to find music for your yoga classes or yoga videos
  • Teacher training for new teachers or continuing educational classes
  • How to legally use yoga music in your class videos

Ideas for your Email list building optin

  • Video Library (tutorials)
  • A list of sites for yoga/meditation tracks (Youtube, Spotify, etc.)
  • A list of stock photos sites for Yogis
  • An already done for you Yoga playlist
  • A list of resources for new Yoga instructors
  • A list of the top 10 Yoga music artists or top 10 Yoga tracks
  • A list of the best podcasts for Yoga Instructors
  • A list of the best places to buy yoga class accessories, clothes, etc.
  • A list of best sites for your online yoga class. ( ,,
  • A list of equipment needed for your online yoga class (camera setup, lighting, etc.)