Mompreneur Life | AirFryer Cooking

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I know I am not the only mom who wishes I could just press a few buttons on the wall and have a full meal pop out hot and ready like in the Jetson's cartoon (I'm telling my age!). Well, I am still waiting for that technology to happen, but in the meantime, my new airfryer is making life A LOT easier for me! Not to mention that Youtube has a zillion airfryer recipes (healthy & not so healthy). In this episode, I am sharing a quick look at how I use my new airfryer as well as some of the features you can expect to enjoy if/when you decide to buy one.

The AirFryer in this video is a 1500W Electric Air Fryer with Rapid Air Technology Touch Screen 7 Cooking Presets Menu, Timer and Temperature Control, 3.7 QT Other good options are: The GoWISE 3.7-Quart Programmable Air Fryer with 8 Cook Presets and the GoWISE USA 5.8-Quarts 8-in-1 Electric Air Fryer XL. 

If you have an airfryer, let me know in the comment section below what types of recipes you use with it.